Inter 2, Milan 1: Typical Inter

In the game that I didn't want to play, my worst fears were confirmed: Kjaer picked up a muscle injury, and Ibrahimovic trash-talked Lukaku, who reportedly insulted his wife and tried to head butt him, and later reportedly threatened Ibra with violence. In the end, Ibrahimovic's mouth is what got him sent off after a second yellow, and even a 10 men Milan that was short several starters kept Inter at bay until a weak penalty call and a stupid Meïté foul gave them their goals. But Conte and everyone were celebrating like they had won a Champions League final. Typical Inter.

Winning with his feet, losing with his mouth, Inter taking all the credit

Leao started the shooting with one that was just wide, in the 2nd minute. Ibrahimovic was back clearing balls, and then Kjaer was down and had to be subbed off with a reported muscle injury. Tomori subbed on and did quite well for only being in Italy for four days and barely speaking the language. Tatarusanu was kept somewhat busy, but Milan's defense did well, too. And then, out of nothing, Ibrahimovic scored in the 31st. 1-0 Milan. 

The Derby really got started when Ibrahimovic and Lukaku started insulting each other. Ibrahimovic reportedly starting it, but Lukaku was the one who had to be restrained by multiple teammates at something Ibrahimovic said. One of which was regarding Lukaku's "voodoo sh**," because Lukaku was accused of having left Everton because of a "voodoo message." This offended him enough to insult Ibrahimovic's wife, and the two nearly headbutted before both receiving yellow cards. That was basically the end of the half, although heading into the tunnel, Lukaku had to be restrained by multiple Inter players and reportedly threatened Ibrahimovic with violence.

Earning his keep

Ibrahimovic's yellow would prove very costly when in the 58th, he received a second yellow and was sent off. I love Ibrahimovic, and his "cattivo" ways are entertaining, but this would have been a good time to keep his mouth closed. Certainly in this one, it was a hero to zero situation. This also forced Pioli into bringing on Rebic for Brahim, and obviously playing on ten men changed everything. Inter took 27 shots, with ten on target, which means that Tatarusanu has finally earned my full respect, he was epic in this match. 

I can't say that I wanted Rebic to get a yellow, but Barella taking a Rebic shoulder to the face was the only time in this match that he should have gone to ground, and I can't say that I didn't enjoy him actually having a reason to. Especially in the 69th when, after a VAR review, Inter were given a penalty because Barella went down with only the most minute of contact from Leao. Lukaku stepped up and converted it, 1-1 all. 

One of these signings is coming good so far

All of the controversy seemed to have injured Valeri, and so Chiffi, the fourth official, had to take over for him, causing about a five minute delay in the game. Pioli threw on whatever fresh legs he had left in the 85th, but it was not enough, as a poor Meite foul on the edge of the box handed Inter a free kick ten minutes after Eriksen came on. Conte's least favorite player won them the match with a beautiful free kick in the 97th, 2-1 Inter.

It always sucks to lose to Inter, but this match wasn't as important as keeping players healthy. Losing Kjaer to injury, as well as players that took other knocks, was the worst part. Ibrahimovic seemed to enjoy his trash-talking, which ultimately cost us the match, and I can't say that I wasn't also entertained a little. But no one wants to lose, especially to Inter. Especially when they are bragging about matching Milan while playing up a man for the second half when we were the only ones to score a goal from the run of play, and it was our mistakes that saw us shoot ourselves in the foot. Not a surprise they take credit, though, typical Inter. 

This post inspired by the music of Suicidal Tendencies’ “Institutionalized”

Our next match is 
Serie A Week 20
Bologna vs. AC Milan
Saturday, January 30 • 15:00 CEST (9am EST)

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