Milan 2, Verona 2: It's Complicated

After a tough loss on Thursday, we knew this match would not be any easier. Fighting fatigue and the pressures of being top of the table, we knew this one would also test our young team. Perhaps we didn't expect to have to claw our way back from a 2-0 deficit, or take more than 30 shots to get a point, but we knew it would be complicated.

Magnificent errors, and saving the match in spite of himself

The match got crazy from the sixth minute, when a corner was whipped in, Verona hit the crossbar, Gigio doing his best to get there, but Barak sent the rebound in before Gigio could get back up. 1-0 Verona. Things went from bad to worse when Zaccagni's shot in the 19th was deflected by Calabria, deceiving Gigio and gifting them a second goal. 2-0 Verona. Ouch.

Milan did not give up, though, and less than ten minutes later, Kessie sent in a shot from a Saelemaekers cross, and ironically, Magnani gave it a little deflection to ensure it went past Silvestri, Milan 1, Verona 2. Silvestri was not human in this match. He is the goalkeeper with the highest save percentage in Serie A, and Milan probably increased that stat exponentially in this match alone. 


The second half saw only one more goal, but was actually even more intense than the first half. For example, in the 51st, Calhanoglu scored a goal, but with a VAR review, it was called back for offside. Theo Hernandez had some great shots, like the one in the 64th, but Silvestri was a wall and could not be beaten.

In the 64th, Milan were given a gift: Lovato fouled Kessie in the box, and Milan were awarded a penalty. Ibrahimovic stepped up to the spot, and skied it over the net. Still 1-2 for Verona. Ibrahimovic is criticized for being hard on his teammates, but when he makes a mistake, he becomes laser-focused on redeeming himself. He probably attempted at least five headers in the last 30 minutes of the match. Most of them were saved or went over, but the one in the 76th hit the woodwork, and no one could manage to get the rebound past Silvestri.

Sweating it from the sidelines

In the 90th minute, Calabria scored a goal, but after a VAR review, it was called off for a handball on Ibrahimovic. I am convinced that no force in the universe could have denied Ibrahimovic a goal at that point, and Silvestri was only human. Finally, in the 93rd, his header chipped past the Verona keeper for the equalizer. 2-2 all. Despite a last gasp effort from Calabria, Milan were only able to grab one point from this match.

Ibrahimovic is a gamechanger. At the beginning of the match, he was awarded Serie A's MVP for October. Then he missed his penalty, and got Calabria's goal called back due to his handball. But he also kept everyone's mentality in check when he scored the equalizer. It's complicated.

It's complicated

The results for this match saw Milan drop two points to a Verona team that played masterfully. While fans may be inclined to be angry with the team for only getting the draw, there was also a lot of progress. Milan never gave up, not even being down by two goals. In fact, their efforts only intensified the more dangerous the concept of actually losing set in, the mark of champions. Ibrahimovic was absolutely epic, in spite of the errors. He made some errors, but he also saved the day. It's complicated.


This post inspired by the music of Muse's "Feelin' Good"

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