Mercato Calm

Even in the best of the past ten years, no one would realistically put the words “mercato” and “calm” together in the same sentence when referring to AC Milan. Most fans of most clubs need hypertension medication just to survive the transfer window, because there are so many crazy rumors. But this time, we really don’t need to worry. The team we had already was so competitive that it was still better than all of the teams we had in the past ten years. Any signings to reinforce are just icing on the cake. And that is why we can all stay mercato calm.

Yes, calm like that.

Everyone’s big concern was signing Ibrahimovic for another year. Despite the fact that all parties were calmly going about negotiations, and even the media was relatively calm about it, some people lost sleep. As of this writing, Ibrahimovic has landed in Milano and spoken to the media about his intentions. The contract signing is a foregone conclusion, and after COVID testing, he’ll be back in training within the next few days. So those of you who lost sleep can get some now.

Pobega, straight outta Serie B

Beyond that, there are some midfield signings that are being discussed in the media, all of which are upgrades for those who left or are leaving. Negotiations seem to be going very well, with no one like Mirabelli screaming and throwing a tantrum and making ultimatums in the media. Additionally, Pobega, the 21 year-old midfielder who was on loan this season, has been called up to the first team. With the players reportedly being negotiated for, this team will be much better. Without them, this team is still very competitive. No sweat.

Kalulu hard at work so we can be calm

The club brought in Kalulu from Lyon at right back, and rumors vary as to whether or not Calabria will stay and whether or not someone else will come in. But it’s no big deal, either way. That spot needs work for sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s also not going to cost the team positions on the table. Plus, Galliani isn’t dramatically talking about “Mister X” while partying with Preziosi ahead of overpaying him for Genoa’s subpar players. It’s all good.

Calm in the midst of the storm

The goalkeeper situation is not yet sorted out. Pepe Reina went to Lazio, and Soncin went to Pergolottese. Plizzari went back out on loan to Reggina this time, and Begovic’s loan deal ended. We have a spot for another keeper, and Begovic reportedly had contact with the club last week, he seems to be their preferred option. With the mercato opening up on Tuesday, and not closing until October 5th, it feels like we have time to sort this one out. Certainly it’s not like three years ago when Mirabelli and Raiola were fighting like primadonnas on a reality TV show in the media. We can relax.

Working in harmony... finally

There are some players like Halilovic whose loans have ended who will need to be sorted out. We need a good left back as backup to Theo Hernandez, but that is also not a major concern. If there were no mercato at all, we would be competitive. Just like we talked about on the last podcast, there is plenty of evidence to be optimistic this season. But using the mercato to reinforce, rather than rebuild, means that we can relax and watch as deals unfold, rather than work ourselves up into such a frenzy we need medical help just to function. We’ve got this.

Finally, we can let our hair down and have some fun during the mercato

Wherever Messi goes, I’m sure he’ll have a lovely time. Other teams and rivals are sweating  trying to sign the big players and trying to change their fortunes. But Milan are on the fast track to becoming themselves again, with a strong squad, harmony within the club again, and everyone working calmly, transparently, and respectfully to make the team even stronger. So after a year which has been globally devastating, Milan fans can relax and know that we are in good hands. Finally. That is the mercato calm.

This post inspired by the music of Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five”

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