Reinforcing vs. Rebuilding

After a season-long battle with rumors that were ridiculous and unnecessary, Milan found their stride on the pitch after the break, the only team in Serie A that were undefeated. Between Pioli and the team proving that Maldini and Boban’s theory of a young team with some older players would bring us back to winning ways, and the prohibitive costs behind the ridiculous rumors plan, everyone finally got on the same page again. Now, it is just a matter of reinforcing this mercato, instead of completely rebuilding… again.

When extending a player is better than a new signing

This was always the sensible option. Maldini and Boban’s plan for Milan has made the most sense of any plan for over ten years and three different ownerships. A shame that because of Gazidis and the ridiculous rumors, Boban is no longer at the club to receive the accolades.

But the concept of only reinforcing becomes even more delicious when you consider what a team like Roma are going through. With an all-new owner, they are destined for an entire rebuilding, a year zero for them.

Already seems lost and alone

Likewise, after paying the highest wages and reaping the worst performances of their nine-year reign of Scudetto terror, Juventus are revolutionizing their club with a completely inexperienced coach in Pirlo. Anyone who ever watched Pirlo play will not doubt that there could be something there. But already, the rumors alone are delicious to watch, and their fanbase is very unsettled.

Milan fans remember what that was like. With the PTSD this team has given us, many fans are still unsettled. Watching 25 reports a day on how the Ibrahimovic contract renewal talks are going triggers some people, even though the rest of us know that he will sign the contract in about ten days, after his vacation.

When buying a player already on loan is the signing of the season

Other rumors seem more fabricated by the press, as Maldini and Massara seem to be keeping everything very quiet. Which is phenomenal, it provides tranquility for them to work with and allows them to make deals with players without the press driving up their transfer fees or other clubs coming in to steal them from us. I know it puts a damper on all of you guys making your new starting 11 lineups, but since they are always just fantasy anyway, just put some names in a hat and draw them out. That’s what the media do, anyway.

We have a front row seat to the reinforcing vs. rebuilding show. We get to watch our club work serenely to strengthen the solid team we already had, with no more changes in management. We get to grab our popcorn and watch other clubs’ fan bases completely melt down while their teams completely rebuild. I like popcorn.

This post inspired by the music of Pharell Williams’ “Happy”

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