Genoa 1, Milan 2: Seeing Red

Four red cards in this match. FOUR. Okay, so two were for people on the bench, but there were also seven yellow cards. It’s amazing that they found any time to play football. Milan were rewarded for… well to be honest, I’m not sure what they were rewarded for. They didn’t dominate possession, take more shots, they just managed to have more goals than Genoa when the whistle blew. And that whistle blew so often. It was definitely a match where everyone was seeing red.

Oh, look. It's four of Milan's best players and Biglia

This was a match where Milan players were wearing black armbands to honor a former Milan trainer who died tragically last week, and there was also a minute’s silence to honor the life of Giorgio Squinzi, lifelong Milan fan and owner of Sassuolo. So I guess you could say that emotions were running high.

Genoa lost their captain, Criscito, in the 11th minute, due to a probably hamstring injury. Milan were playing terribly, and in the 41st minute, Schöne sent a free kick directly at Reina, even hit his arm, actually, but went into the back of the net. 1-0 Genoa. As painful as it was to watch, it had to pain Reina so much more. He wasn’t even planning to play in this match, but Gigio was nauseated and vomiting just before the match, so Reina had to step in.


The first red card was for our old pal Saponara, who was actually on the bench. He was probably upset about a collision that Pinamonti’s head had with Duarte’s head. Pinamonti was down, holding his head, but Mariani didn’t stop play immediately, and a lot of Genoa staff and players were very upset.

At halftime, Giampaolo brought on two of our best players. Why they didn’t start is a mystery that I don’t even think Giampaolo could solve. And it cost him two early subs, too. So Paqueta and Leao, inexplicably left out of the lineup, made an immediate difference in the match. For example, Paqueta provided the assist to Theo Hernandez, who scored the equalizer in the 51st minute. 1-1 all.

Oh, look! Our 3rd goal from open play this season!

In the 54th, Mariani used VAR to review what turned out to be a Biraschi handball. He also received a straight red, leaving Genoa on ten men. The call seemed harsh to many, but was actually spot on. Milan were given the penalty, and Kessie stood up and took it, cool as you like. 2-1 Milan.

The next red was a second yellow for Calabria, in the 79th, which is also his second red of the season. Milan were also on ten men. The discipline under Giampaolo has been atrocious, and these cards and going down a man are starting to really impact the team. Although to be fair, Duarte deputized surprisingly well for the suspended Musacchio today.

Don't mess with Kessie

In the final minute of regulation, Kouame gave a performance which should give him an Oscar for sure. He made contact with Reina as he was dramatically falling to the ground in the box. Somewhere, I think Neymar teared up. Mariani, who had gotten everything else right so far, gave him the penalty. But Reina, reacting in the best possible way when there is a call that is unfair, saved Schöne’s resulting penalty. BOOM. And then Castillejo got upset about something and was sent off from the bench.

People are saying the result saved Giampaolo’s job. WHY. He literally failed to line up our two best players. The team played like hell, and the only reason we won is because they did things the opposite of what he told them. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a coach where the players initially seemed to understand his ideas, but after more than three months, played worse than before. I’m grateful for the three points, don’t get me wrong, but I have Gigio’s nausea and vomiting still just from watching that match.

The Curva were shameful to our warriors

The discipline was the big story here. That is not how football should be. While we got to see moments of brilliance, and Giampaolo look like the biggest buffoon for not starting Leao and Paqueta, it wasn’t a game I want to remember. Giampaolo may have lucked out with the result, but his continued failures as a coach have me seeing red.

This post inspired by the music of U2’s “Under a Blood Red Sky” album

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