Podcast: The Power of Maldini

The clouds have truly lifted at Milanello, and the source of that bright shining light is not the sun, but rather the legendary Paolo Maldini. His mere presence has changed the atmosphere at and around the club. Victory is that much sweeter when he is watching his beloved team play as a director, where he should have been since he retired. He’s helped everyone raise their levels already, even Gattuso. That is the power of Maldini.

The answer to all Milanisti prayers

Even our guests were on International Break this week. But in their absence, we discussed:

• News of the Week: Europa League, NT duty, wage bills, players out, Conti’s return, the armband fiasco

• Match Review: review of the Roma victory

• Gattuso Tactics: not an oxymoron

• Legends return: the Maldini effect

• Coming up: upcoming matches

Please try to keep yourself together for the rest of the break… Milan will be returning before you know it!

Our next match is
Serie A Week 4
Cagliari vs. Milan
Sunday, September 16 • 20:30 CEST (2:30pm EDT)

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