Podcast: Another Season Ends

A season that was supposed to redeem Milan and the hopes of Milan fans took a sharp turn downwards with UEFA’s announcement that they refused to give Milan a settlement agreement. Despite the damper that put on the season and the far reaching implications that the news creates for our future, it was a good time to sit down and reflect on the team and all of our players.

The real reason UEFA denied the settlement agreement

When you want a balanced perspective on Milan, you should talk to Pete. So follow him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva. To wrap up all of the disappointment of this season, we discussed:

• News of the Week: dumped by an ex, players announcing themselves, a non-European Champions League, breaking wind

• Player Ratings: Who should stay and who should go

• Gattuso: his future at Milan

• Yonghong Li, UEFA, and the Elliott Fund: fact vs. fiction

Thanks again to Pete for being willing to drudge through the disappointments and dissect our players’ season instead of sleeping or something productive. Please follow him @PDAcquaviva on Twitter.

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