Bologna 1, Milan 2: Git ‘er Done

I’m not particularly proud, but we got the three points. We played… well, we scored two goals and got the win, so that’s all that matters. Nevermind that the 12th place team on the table pinned us back for much of the match and had two goals disallowed, taking twelve shot with a ridiculously clinical seven on target. Nevermind that our squad took a beating, with injuries potentially lurking postmatch. At the end of the day, we were desperate for the three points, and more desperate for the mental boost those points could give us. As my redneck friends here in ‘Murica say, “Git ‘er done.”

Three points was enough on this day

The match started off poorly, with Milan playing below Bologna’s level and lots and lots of physical play. In the 18th, Palacio thought he had scored a goal, but it was rightfully called off for offside. Locatelli, chosen to replace Biglia ahead of the more experienced Montolivo, earned his token yellow in the 23rd for a naïve foul on Palacio. But with his stupid braid still dangling off of his bald head, who could really blame him? In the 26th, I got really worried, as Bonucci landed badly and was clutching his right knee in pain. He got some treatment and came back on, but honestly, I’m still worried.

But in the 34th, Milan’s luck changed. Calhanoglu, just coming back from injury, scored a great goal, assisted by Cutrone. 1-0 Milan. That put some fire in the team, I’m honestly glad something did. But it also put more fire into Bologna. After another Gigio save in the 38th, Orsolini scored a goal that stood for about two minutes, until Giacomelli waved it off after a VAR review. The ball had hit Palacio’s hand, a call that never would have been made without the microscopic eye of VAR. Still 1-0 Milan, miraculously. So to follow that up, Bonaventura also scored in the 45th + 1 from a Calhanoglu assist. 2-0 Milan.

One Milan player certainly showed up today

I don’t mind going into a second half with a 2-0 lead, but it isn’t as fun with a team that worked so hard and were so clinical like Bologna. Despite Cutrone hitting the post, Gigio and Mirante both working up a sweat, and Bonaventura hitting the crossbar in the 72nd, De Maio scored a consolation goal in the 74th. Or should I say Milan conceded a goal? We weren’t playing our game like Gattuso had asked them to, and we certainly weren’t defending like we normally do.

But to tempt fate, Gattuso subbed on Borini, Kalinic, and Montolivo. Or was he trolling his former Italy coach, Donadoni? I’m not sure, but I was definitely sweating this one until the final whistle. Despite possibly the three worst subs he could make (Poli was playing for Bologna, after all,) we managed to hold on to the lead and snatch the three points. Considering we only took nine shots, with four on target, that at least was an improvement to recent matches. And I know it doesn’t need to be pretty, but it makes me sad when our football takes a turn for the ugly.

Kessie doesn't always make the stat sheet, but he always gives 100%

Speaking of ugly, looking at poor Verdi (former Milan youth,) and Poli, it seems their wages at Bologna do not allow for the price of a haircut. So sad, at Milan we have our own barber at Milanello. And their whole team played so well today, maybe we can send them our barber for a day or something as a consolation prize.

My consolation prize is the three points and the possibility of finishing above seventh. Selfishly, I need them to secure a Europa League spot rather than a qualifying one so they will still be able to come see me here in ‘Murica this summer instead of playing qualifying matches. More importantly, it is important to the project of the club to finish sixth, as well as to not have to play extra competitive games before the season even starts. Three points puts us back to one point behind Atalanta, and today that was the best we could do. Maybe it wasn’t pretty, but sometimes all you can do is “Git ‘er done.”

This post was inspired by the music of R.E.M.’s “Driver 8”

Our next match is
Serie A week 36
Milan vs. Verona
Saturday, May 5 • 18:00 CEST (12noon EDT)

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