How Far We've Come

If this mercato hasn’t blown you away already, you must be new not only to Milan but to football in general. With Andrea Conti taking his medicals, he will be our seventh signing and the mercato hasn’t even been officially open a whole week. Every club in the world is jealous of us. But if that isn’t enough to make you feel grateful, La Gazzetta dello Sport published the starting eleven as of July 5th for the past ten years, along with the signings to date each year. Check them out. Then you’ll see just how far we’ve come.

*Nessuno means no one, those years we hadn't signed anyone by July 5th

Looking at the lineups is truly amazing, not only to watch the quality change year to year, but the early signings we had and what we thought we were excited about. On a personal note, I love that even GdS forgot about Borini, that’s what an impact player he is expected to be.

Coming soon... signing number seven... Andrea Conti

There is no way to buy an entirely new team overnight, bench and all, and compete with the likes of Juventus. But the purchases so far this summer will help us so very much. No one knows how the team will gel, but there will be seven times as much quality on the pitch with our seven new players. And that is so exciting to think about. It’s not about how soon we’ll reach our goal it’s about how far we’ve come.

This post inspired by the music of Jet’s “Look What You’ve Done”

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