Dressed to Kill

Our transfer market has us prepared to just crush it on the pitch. Best team on paper that we’ve had in years. But sometimes it’s not enough to just be talented. Sometimes, players need a little extra something to give them the confidence they need to play to their potential. With a background in fashion, I understand the importance of looking your best when you want to be your best. Already, after the Bologna match, I wrote about how our incredible new first team kits helped us secure sixth place, amongst other things. But now, finally, not just our away kits, but also our third kits have been released, and if they are any indication of how well our team will be playing, you can rest assured it will be an amazing season. Because with these new kits, Milan will be dressed to kill.

Quality players require quality kits

The away kit is simple and elegant, with some understated details to give it some extra style. For example, within the fabric on the front is knit a very faint pointelle-like pattern that is apparently in the shape of a large “M”. It’s such a subtle design feature, I’m not even sure it’s there. But it must be cool up close. The shoulder seams are basically a stylized dolman sleeve, a nice clean yet unique design line.

An update on a Milan classic

The collar and cuffs are black and red horizontal rings to perfectly frame the white simplicity, while the Adidas stripes are under the arms on the side, but in a red-black-red pattern. The logo, shirt sponsor, and the letters on the back are all in a beautiful Milan red. This is an away kit that will slay our opponents and your friends alike.

It is well known that Adidas had a contest to design this year’s third kit. The result was fantastic. A fan from Thailand created this very unique mostly black kit. The front features a red pattern at the top edged with gradient monochromatic thin stripes which form almost an arrow, inspired by the forward direction of the club. The design is cut out and reversed so that the Adidas logo is on black rather than red, and the “arrow” of the design points to the red stripe on which the Milan logo is placed. So clever.

Thoughtful, inspired, and pretty freaking awesome

But this unique design did not stop there. The pattern continues with stripes of monochromatic off-black horizontal pinstripes on the lower part of the jersey. That pattern is interrupted by diagonal pinstripe stripes which define the opposite solid stripe pattern. It’s a design that might seem busy, but because it is done so well with the red and subtle off-black, it creates extended visual movement and interest without being overwhelming. Or in layman’s terms, it looks good up close and from a distance.

Looks great front or back, and has already inspired a win

The triple red Adidas stripes are on the shoulder, as are simple half-inch red cuffs to frame the sleeves. The collar is solid black, further contributing to the classy styling, and yet also not detracting from the exclusive, thoughtful pattern that makes this kit so special. The all black back is perfect for the simple, classic, athletic numbers and letters for this year's kits. I have said previously that I was afraid of this contest, having seen so many of the entries. But I have learned to never doubt the Milan fanbase again. And I am so happy the guy got to meet a couple of his idols, too. He absolutely killed it with this one.

Adidas, along with some help from a very talented fan, obviously took the challenge of returning Milan to glory very seriously. Which is amazing when you consider that kits are usually designed two years ahead of time for production purposes. In the same way that Fassone & Mirabelli have just destroyed this transfer market and earned instant respect from fans and the footballing world alike, Adidas have given us three for three amazing kits this year. Kits that range from classic Milan glory to simple, elegant style, to a fresh, futuristic look that bonds the team with its fanbase. Amazing concepts, amazing results. So not only are Milan the team to watch on the pitch, with these jerseys, Milan fans can also be dressed to kill.

This post inspired by the music of Kiss’ “Dressed to Kill” album

Our next match is
Europa League Third Round Qualifier
CSU Craiova vs. AC Milan
Thursday, July 27 • 8:00pm CET (2pm EDT)

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