Poll: Rate the Season

With two games left, some fans have already moved on into full fantamercato mode, they don’t even care about the final results. Others are drawn to the potential mercato this season, but watching carefully to see where we finish. Still others are just so happy that we performed better than expected with no mercato to speak of for over a year now. And everything in between. So I wanted to take a little poll today to see where my readers rate the season:

A season to smile about? Or just laughing instead of crying?

Please select the option that you most closely identify with in terms of Milan’s season this year:

If this season left something to be desired, then may all of your mercato dreams come true. And remember, when all else fails, laugh at Inter.

This post inspired by the music of Dave Brubeck's "Take Five"

Our next match is
Milan vs. Bologna
Sunday, May 21 • 15:00 CST (9am EDT)
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