Podcast: The Answer For Everything

With an injured mentality, there’s a lot to be down about. But we managed to find things that are much more frightening. It was too easy to jump on the sunshine and rainbows train after the close of the sale of the club, and the performances on the pitch since then have pushed people too far. Reality is not as pretty, but there are still things to be happy about (like Inter’s shambolic season.) Also, we discovered the answer for everything.

Not even convincing in his welcome photo

In good times and in bad, I can always count on Francesco for good conversation about Milan. You can follow him on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8. Recording after the Roma defeat, we chatted about:

• News of the Week: Inzaghi, communications, Milan Ladies, VAR, Ancelotti, Serie A racism, a visit from management

• Season Update: reviewing recent matches

• The Elliott Fund: why they took a gamble on Milan

• The Summer Mercato: sifting through the rumors

• Derby at Casa Milan: travel report

• Coming Up: upcoming matches to watch for

Thanks again to Francesco for a great conversation after a heartbreaking game. Follow him on Twitter to show your support for a fellow Milanista @FrancescoPetra8.

Our next match is
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Saturday, May 13 • 20:45 CST (2:45pm EDT)

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