Podcast: Transformation

It’s hard to believe what has and hasn’t happened this summer. With a preliminary agreement finally in place, an unimpressive preseason, and a very light mercato, fans are left to meter their excitement with a large dose of reality. With the new season starting up before the physical transformation of the club and our team, it’s harder to be excited or optimistic about the first half of our season. I think most fans are watching as closely to see what happens off of the pitch with our transformation.

Changes in ownership and management... will the players on the pitch follow suit?

With so many changes and a new season on the horizon, I needed a big name guest, so of course I turned to the fantastic Gio of Rossoneri TV. Follow him on Twitter @RossoneriTV and be sure not to miss a single video by subscribing to his YouTube channel Rossoneri TV. He is also one of the admins for the Milan Club Montreal, so be sure to follow @ACMClubMTL. To catch up on all of the big news, we chatted about:

• News of the Week: Third kit debut, Forbes assessment, watch out for Gattuso, how did Boateng find a new club?, Milan TV interview, Milan Ladies

• Sale of the Club: discussing the preliminary agreement

• Marco Fassone: a little bio on our new CEO-to be

• Mercato News: players in and out

• Friendlies: catching up the summer preseason

• Montella: talking his tactics so far

• Injuries: who’s on the training table right now

• Season Preview: the main issues and early fixtures this year

Thanks once again to the amazing Gio for some great conversation in the face of a very bleak time at Milan. Follow him on Twitter @RossoneriTV and subscribe to his channel Rossoneri TV. Also be sure to follow Milan Club Montreal.

Our next match is
Milan vs. Torino
Sunday, August 21 • 18:00 CEST (12noon EDT)

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