New Home Kit: Dressed in Black

I can’t figure out if I like the new home kit or not. I don’t like it up close, but far away it looks better. Which is ironic, because the further away we keep ourselves from Milan right now, the better, too. In fact, there are just so many parallels between what is going on at the club and this kit, it is ridiculous. The most obvious would probably be the black sleeves and back as well as a switch to the black shorts. Kind of like the club has lost its identity, and are in mourning. With only the front panel of the kit to remind us of yesteryears, and even that erodes at the bottom, Milan are dressed in black.

From a distance, it looks better

In addition to so much black representing mourning the loss of everything we love, the front panel has the fading detail in the red stripes knit in at the bottom. Up close, it looks as if the stripes are bleeding, or perhaps as if they are unraveling. Both are so fitting. From a distance, it has a gradient effect that is actually more flattering. But juxtaposed with the harsh seams going directly to all black, it all has a very unfinished feel about it, much like our beloved club. Or it could represent the dawn of a new era, the black of night juxtaposed with new ideas and new management. It kind of works both ways.

Is that dripping blood? Or paint from a project that is unfinished?

The simple black v-neck looks both elegant and comfortable. However the tricolore inset at the center back neck seems a bit out of place, kind of like Berlusconi’s bizarre nationalistic desires. The iconic Adidas three stripes have been moved from their traditional spot on the shoulders to the side seam of the jersey, almost as if in shame, like so many Milan fans are. But actually, the grey stripes make a nice line when worn with the shorts, going straight from the armseye to the hem of the shorts.

Simple, classic, but is it unnecessarily nationalistic?

At the hem of the sleeve is a thin little red inset. I am not sure if it is meant to act as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, or if it is a symbol of hope, that the mourning will soon be over. It is an elegant little detail though, perhaps another reminder of the Milan class, the last of which seems to have left with Abbiati. Or has it? It’s so hard to tell.

A tourniquet for the blood of Milan fans?

The black back is not just simply black, but apparently some sort of mesh. Well, at least that’s what the players will wear. But the kit you will buy from the Milan store will be solid black knit. The font for the names seems to be the same old, tired Casa Milan font, but perhaps a little less stylized and more legible than in the past. However, the one thing everyone seems to agree upon is relief that the traditional oval Milan crest is back. Is that a sign of good things to come? Or a symbol of our past? Only time will tell.

Almost like two totally different kits from front to back

The reactions I’ve seen to the kit are mostly positive, and while I can neither condone nor condemn these opinions, I personally want to know where my money would be going before I would purchase this kit. I certainly don’t want to throw away my hard-earned cash to support the horrifying things that are going on at the club right now. Nor would I want to wear the current kit, as I could not do so with pride. But perhaps if the changes truly are coming, I would invest in new management, new ideas, and be proud to represent a team who were finally looking to rebuild, even if it takes time.

Like it or not, at least the traditional crest is finally back on the first kit

One thing I know for sure is that whether you are realistic about the present or optimistic about the future, this kit represents a little of both. And whether it is the current destruction and mourning or the potential dawn and rebuilding, Milan are dressed in black. And black is kind of sexy, no?

This post is inspired by Sia’s “Dressed in Black”

Our next match is
Coppa Italia Final
Milan vs. Juventus
Saturday, May 21 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)
Stadio Olimpico, Rome

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