Bologna-Milan Preview: Wake Me When It’s Over

This season has become too painful to even write about. It’s not about having writer’s block, my other writing is going just fine. It’s just that Milan hurts so much right now, I can’t continue to put the passion into forming complete sentences and crafting a post that might be interesting to read. I just want the season to be done with, to find some resolution to this nonsense about Berlusconi finally being willing to release his death grip on the club he is strangling (or not.) Just wake me when it’s over.

Hey, didn't this guy used to play for Milan?

So rather than putting everything into paragraph form and all, here is the information I would normally put into a preview:

Bologna sit in 13th place
Their season form is 11 W, 8 D, 17 L
They drew Empoli last week
Donadoni lined up Mirante; Maietta, Ferrari, Masina, Gastaldello; Giaccherini, Diawara, Brienza, Mounier, Brighi; and Floccari.
Injuries: Constant, Rizzo, Stojanovic, Muculini, Morleo, and Destro
We lost to Bologna 1-0 in January at the San Siro

Hey, didn't this guy used to play for Milan?

Brocchi is a tool
Injuries: Ely, Bonaventura, Bertolacci, Niang, and the entire Milan fan base
Brocchi’s press conferences are like rubbing sandpaper on your sunburn
We will likely lose this match
I’m not even sure Brocchi could inspire an ant, and they are almost autonomous
Eighth place is not out of reach
If Brocchi really loved Milan, he wouldn’t have taken the job
Anyone want to go to lunch with me instead of watching the game? I know of a great Italian place, a tasty crepe place, or whatever, I’m not picky

If we win this match I will celebrate by blinking my eyes one time. That’s the extent of emotion I can put into Milan right now without simultaneously crying, vomiting, and screaming incoherent things. So just wake me when it’s over.

This post was not inspired.

Bologna vs. Milan
Saturday, May 7 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT
This match will be shown on RAI in the U.S.

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