Podcast: Laughter and Tears

It was difficult to find much to laugh about this past season, but there were plenty of tears. Tears and pain and frustration and drinking… lots of drinking. But if you’re listening to this podcast, you probably survived, one way or the other. So trying to add a little laughter, but unwittingly causing tears, we got together to try to make some sense of what just happened this year.

Whatever you think of Mexes, he was the source of both laughter and tears this year

For this conversation, I needed a couple of people who have bled red and black with me throughout Milan’s demise. From Argentina, we were joined by Francesco, aka the President of the Curva Sud America. He can be followed on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8. Joining us from Florida was Derwuin, of @ToePokePod fame. You can follow him @D_Mendez3, if you dare. We discussed:

• News of the Week: NT callups, Ancelotti declines, Essien out, Zapata speaks out, Cerci robbed of his manhood and more, Abate to tie the knot, Blatter steps down

• Champions League Final: looking from the outside in

• Bee Taechaubol: update on the agreement to purchase a minority share

The Golden Matri Awards™: 2015 winners (see also 2014 winners)

• Squad Assessment: talking about players who might leave, and some that should

• Farewell: Saying goodbye to legends

Thanks again to Francesco and Derwuin for celebrating the tragedy that is Milan this season. Follow Francesco on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8. Also follow Derwuin @D_Mendez3 and check out his podcast by following @ToePokePod on Twitter.
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