Milan 0, Lazio 1: Still Sucking

As Milan crashed out of the Coppa to a more subdued Lazio than the one who thrashed us on Saturday, one thing was painfully obvious: we’re still sucking. With Montolivo “covering” (and I use that term in the loosest sense of the word) the center defensive midfield spot for De Jong, who was ruled unfit just before match time, we may as well have not even showed up. But the Curva did show up, angry and proud, and even some other angry fans to give Galliani a tongue lashing before he left the stands in the 86th minute. So despite a disappointing performance and the winning goal scored due to a handball call, at least the fans are finally starting to turn their anger to the right place. Even if we’re still sucking.

Just one penalty to take it all

Our starting midfield was Poli, Montolivo, and Muntari. That should tell you enough about our chances. Statistically, Montolivo was actually WhoScored’s MOTM. But if you watched the game, you are still wondering not only how he is our captain or a starter, but what he is doing at Milan in the first place. Because Who Scored’s stats don’t count epic fail back passes, losing the ball, or not being able to communicate or play well with others, apparently.

Speaking of chances, we doubled our shots on goal with 4 out of 11 shots. So there was improvement. The most obviously dramatic improvement was the Muntari off for Honda sub in the 51st. Albertazzi put in some nice crosses playing at left back, but it was unfortunately his double handball in the box in the 37th that cost Milan the game, as he conceded the penalty. Biglia stepped up in the 38th to seal Milan’s fate, 1-0 Lazio.

Maybe good on paper, but that is all

Menez played his usual selfish self, with lots of plays that would have been incredible if he hadn’t lost the ball by trying to be to fancy. Pazzini had more almosts than Berlusconi has had court cases. Cerci played on the left in the absence of El Shaarawy, and we saw yet again that he is not our Lord and Savior. That title belongs to Jesús Joaquín Fernández Sáenz de la Torre, also known as Suso, who got his debut as a sub for Albertazzi in the 80th, although he apparently has yet to begin his ministry.

The back line was a bit of a mess with poor communication and players running into each other and such, but to be fair, they defended five corners. At this point, that is a triumph. Also, Rami got a yellow for being frustrated in the 64th, Milan’s only yellow of the game. Granted, Rocchi was officiating, but still, it was a far less eventful match with a slightly improved Milan.

'Sacking a club legend won't change Rossoneri history. Enough with incompetence of old directors'

However, after raking Milan fans over the coals after Saturday’s match, I have to say that the Curva Sud were my MOTM. With little happening on the pitch anyway, their banners such as 'Enough free agents', 'Galliani out', 'Renewal to begin again' and 'I'm with Pippo' were the highlight of the game for me. Especially after their statement on their club website on Sunday, THIS is what I want fans to be doing. The Curva has quite a bit of power, and throwing it around when it counts like this is not only commendable, but refreshing.

So Milan are out of the running for the last real trophy they had a chance for. Not a surprise, given the squad quality and lack of respect from management. As the Curva said to Berlusconi, “Your hip hip hurras certainly won’t make this a winning team.” And they haven’t. Galliani is now desperately bringing players in to try to salvage the season, but we all know that it’s only going to be his exit that brings actual change to the club. Until then, Milan will be still sucking.

This post inspired by the music of Garbage

Our next match is
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