World Cup Fever

There is a very serious virus going around, and I think I’ve got it bad. It’s called World Cup Fever, and it tends to consume those infected with it. The virus seems to last about four weeks, and luckily, it only comes around every four years. But it carries long term side effects, many of those afflicted with it are never the same again.

This level of passion is so contagious

The first time I caught World Cup Fever, it really took me by surprise. I was unable to function normally, my mind was unable to think about anything else. The fever would spike for 90 full minutes every time a match was played. The passion and joy of the players, coaches, fans, and even the commentators would reach nearly toxic levels, particularly in the more intense matches. I found myself completely unable to tear myself away from the TV during these times, and in between matches would talk about it nonstop and watch or read as much news about it as I could. I found myself making excuses to get out of other commitments because of this strange new fever, particularly for 90 minutes at a time. I was very, very sick.

The virus took hold of me on every level. At times, I could not eat because of the intensity of my fever. My moods were no longer under my control, they would ebb and flow with every story line, tackle, scoring chance, goal, and result of the World Cup. But friends and family became most concerned about my health when the semifinals and final matches came around. It was almost deadly there for those last few days, and I may have flatlined there for a few moments during those penalties that decided that final.

The virus has been known to cause incredible pain

It took a few days after that World Cup for me to regain some normalcy. I still read up on the news and thought about it nonstop, but the lack of games seemed to help me make a partial recovery. However, the infection had taken hold, and I found myself drawn to football like nothing else before. I soon began watching Serie A, and then specifically Milan with increasing frequency. Over the years, the infection has taken hold more severely, and the virus lasts year round. The infection is most severe for 90 minutes every time Milan are playing. Other side effects include severe withdrawals during times when no football is being played.

But every four years, I am further infected with World Cup Fever. It alone determines my eating and sleeping patterns. Even my breathing is impacted by the events that unfold on the pitch. And when I see the fans with their crazy and colorful attire, hear the amazing passion that they have for their country’s team, watch the players singing their national anthem with tears in their eyes, or celebrate a goal like nothing else in this world, I simply become delirious. The game is simply intoxicating to me, the joy and passion with which it is played, as well as the agony of some moments makes me feel the virus in every cell of my body.

How can something that feels this good be bad?

I am not alone, though. This World Cup Fever infects billions of people globally every four years. The lasting side effects create football fans all over the world who live and breathe football throughout the year. The passion is so infectious that it supports a sport that is played from small children who don’t even have shoes to professionals who make millions of dollars in every country in the world. But it reaches a fever pitch every four years and billions of people are brought together by its cause for four weeks of insanity. There is no known cure for this World Cup Fever, but that’s okay, I don’t want to be cured.

This post inspired by the players and fans of the beautiful game

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