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Reports keep bubbling up that Seedorf plans to sue AC Milan for damages after being fired almost inexplicably. This after it took about two weeks to resolve his contract following the initial reports Milan were going to make a change. That stalemate saw him hold them responsible for his two and a half year contract, despite the fact that they desperately tried to wiggle out of their obligation. So today I thought I would take a quick look at this issue through different perspectives. (All opinions are my own, no club presidents were harmed in the writing of this post, etc.)

What does a guy have to do around here to get a little respect?

Milan Management
They hired the man, they fired the man. They seem to think they had just cause for doing so, and all was going well until they pulled their now common leak-the-story-to-the-media-before-telling-those-involved. Bad enough that they are being held accountable for the contract they gave him just five months prior, now they will be the target of a lawsuit? Berlusconi, the godfather of “Why always me?”, I’m sure will find a way to spin this as an attack on him by his political opponents. Also, he has a vast network of lawyers at his beck and call who are used to dodging much worse crimes than defamation of character, so just add this one to the list.

After ten years at the club, he answered their call for help and gave up his playing career to become coach of the first team. He made sweeping changes, and that showed up in the results. You know, the thing Milan had always claimed mattered when it came to a coach’s job? He more than fulfilled his responsibilities despite being hung out to dry in the media and offered little to no support from management. And speaking of being hung out to dry, where did all of those rumors and leaks and attacks on him, his work, and his character come from? Why did the world know things that were said or done behind closed doors? It’s not surprising he wants to defend his character and hold Milan accountable for damage done to his reputation.

Usually quiet and classy, he had a lot to say about behind the scenes

The Team
These guys are the unwitting stars of a circus show that has gotten uglier and uglier the past few years. Can’t we all just play football? First they suffered the slow and demoralizing process that was Allegri and his brand of stubbornness, grinding results and morale to almost nothing. They watched as Allegri endured relentless public attacks and criticism from management, but then insisted that he stay, over and over again. Finally, they fired him and bring in the new guy. But the new guy is someone who is more of a peer, particularly considering that some of them had played alongside the guy just 18 short months before. He had all of these changes, some good, and some they apparently didn’t like as much. And several of them, captain Montolivo included, said or implied as much publicly. Now he’s been sacked, too, despite improvements in morale, fitness, and actual results. Why shouldn’t they speak about what happened? Isn’t that the Milan way?

The Fans
I don’t know of a single fan in the world who supported Seedorf being fired. There probably is one or two, maybe, but he came in and did what needed to be done and got the results. He did it with that big beautiful smile of his, and brought back the smiles to the pitch, too. I don’t think any of us care about the drama behind the scenes, what he was doing was working. Then they sacked him, for no reason apparent to us, and reportedly did it via email. He is a Milan legend. He lifted trophies for us. And he came back and turned the team around in very short order. How dare management treat him like this? And even if some of us want our questions answered as to why, the ones that came out and the way they came out are unacceptable. Good for him that he held out on his contract, even if it left the team in limbo for two weeks. And good for him that he is going after them for damages. And also, can we be added to that lawsuit?

"Do I really want to take on Silvio and his lawyers?"

Enough is enough. This lawsuit represents all of us who just want the douchebaggery at Milan to stop. It’s not just Seedorf’s character that has been defamed, it’s the entire club. What they have been doing to our Milan, the Milan we support with both our wallets and our hearts, is unacceptable. It’s so nice to see someone fight back. I don’t want him to just settle for his contract, I want him to make a public example of them and show them that they are not untouchable with their dictatorial ways of running the club. That’s right, Seedorf, I’ve got your back on this one. And thank you, by the way. The club didn’t say it, so you need to know that someone did. This corrupt and horrible management need to be held accountable in some way, why not hit them where it hurts: their precious money. So sue me.

This post inspired by the music of Nirvana

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