Genoa 1, Milan 2: Battle of the Middle

Just enough time for a quick review this time, it was a battle for the middle of the Serie A table, and it wasn’t easy. With 33 fouls called and a lot more that weren’t, both teams are lucky to emerge in one piece. But we went to the cursed stadium and we came out victorious, despite a valiant effort from i Grifone.

One small step toward Madrid for Taarabt, One giant leap for Milan

Taarabt took a break from his interviews to actually put in a good performance, and luckily he plays better than he interviews. It was in the 20th that he saw a chance from just outside the box and took it convincingly, scoring the opener in style, 1-0 Milan.  Pazzini drew every defender on or off the pitch, and often would just not go down, no matter how many players were hanging from him.

Tonight's triple threat in goals and assists

Honda had said this week that he would score his first Serie A goal soon, and soon turned out to be in the 56th. He took a ball from Taarabt, beat the keeper to send the ball slowly, ever so slowly toward the net, and not even a last-ditch attempt from a Genoa player to keep it out would stop it. 2-0 Milan.

Heroes in the back

Mexes nearly deflected the ball into the net just before the half, and thus apparently decided to atone for that in great measure with a fantastic performance, especially in the second half. Abbiati was not so lucky. Despite fielding 20 shots from Genoa (including some great saves,) one from Motta in the 73rd deflected off of him and into the net, 2-1 Milan.

Balotelli, Birsa, and Poli subbed on for Pazzini, Taarabt, and Kaka respectively between the 74th and 89th minutes. Abbiati also got Milan’s only yellow card in the 90th, apparently for timewasting.

Our soldiers and heroes who fought the battle with courage

And just like that, the battle of the middle of the table was settled and Milan won their third in a row, undefeated in four. Suddenly no one is talking about Seedorf’s dismissal, and instead are taking this squad seriously, perhaps for the first time this season. With six games left, it has yet to be determined whether even this string of convincing performances can take us up to a sixth place finish and a Europa League spot. But at least the squad are finally convincing. Well done, ragazzi.

This post inspired by the music of Prince

Our next match is
Milan vs. Catania
Sunday, April 13 • 20:45 CEST (2:45 EDT)

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