Milan-Verona Preview: When Hellas Freezes Over

In the second match of the post-Allegri era, there is a general sense of optimism ahead of our match tomorrow. Seedorf is back, Il Professore is in charge, all will be well. That optimism may be a bit unrealistic, as we face the team that put the first nail in Milan’s coffin this season, the same team who currently sit 6th in the table while Milan are 11th. But after such an amazing week, I think we are all hoping to see a game where Hellas freezes over.

Watch out, Verona, we've got options now

Speaking of freezing over, Verona were shut out last weekend by Napoli, 3-0 in Verona. They have won 10, only drawn 2, and that made their 7th loss of the season, for 32 points, just ten less than Napoli have now. It’s like the newly promoted side took Milan’s mojo when they drew first blood, and sit somewhere around where Milan should be. So I guess it’s time to take it back.

Coach Mandorlini lined up Rafael; Moras, Maietta, Cacciatore, Agostini; Romulo, Hallfredsson, Jorginho; Toni, Iturbe, and Gomez. He will be missing Longo up front, and Sala in the midfield, both due to injury. But the bigger story is the mercato. Jorginho did not train with the squad on Friday, ahead of his apparently inevitable move to Napoli, for which he is expected to take the medicals for today. He has been such an important player for them, it is great for us that he could be missing. While this could hurt us a few games down the road when we play Napoli, for tomorrow it could really be an advantage.

That is one celebration I don't want to see from Numero Uno tomorrow

Some are calling Milan’s fate on Sunday “the great unknown.” But most Milan fans would more likely call it “the great I hope.” After visibly shaking off the Allegri during the Coppa Italia match vs. Spezia midweek, we are hoping to see the squad take on the awesomeness of newly appointed coach Seedorf. Whether it be channeling his athleticism, his ability to thread a pass through a defense like no one else, or just his confidence and ability to win, this team is definitely ready for some awesomeness. Of course, they are most likely to just be themselves, but even that will be refreshing, because they haven’t really been themselves at all this season.

Of course, they could also just play like they have all season, or make some individual errors or whatever. And Seedorf will now be missing Pazzini to a new muscle injury, as well as El Shaarawy, of course, Saponara, Abate, and Constant, all on the injury list. And unfortunately (sarcasm alert), he won’t have the option of playing Muntari, as he is still serving that suspension. So no one really knows what to expect. Personally, I am looking for a virtually Dai-free sideline and hopefully maybe some decent lineups and subs like we saw on Wednesday. Anything beyond that will be icing on the cake for me. (Although I have always liked the icing, to be fair.)

He's back. Be afraid, Verona. Very afraid.

Despite our respective positions on the table, I am hoping for a good match. Without Jorginho, I will be curious to see if Verona have the same bite, he has been a crucial player for them this year. Maybe him leaving right now is just the edge Milan need to make a comeback and start tallying up some points. Whatever the case, it will great to see the return of Seedorf to Milan, and hope that it is the first of many successes for him, for Milan, and for football. Let’s hope Hellas freezes over.

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Milan vs. Hellas Verona
Sunday, January 19 • 20:45 CET (2:45 EST)
This match is being shown LIVE on RAI and slightly delayed on BeIn Sport in the U.S.
Check comments for stream links just ahead of the game
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