Much Ado About Kessié

Following the unsuccessful contract renewals of Gigio Donnarumma and Calhanoglu, the media and fans are already nearly hysterical about another contract renewal that is expiring in a year. Kessié is both the most played and most essential player to this team, at only 24 years old.  He is also one of the most scouted players, with teams from the Premier League and elsewhere reportedly willing to open up their deep pockets and steal him from us. Despite him being a player who is essential to tie down to a new contract, he is not currently available for contract negotiations yet. He recently got married and is now heading to the Olympics in Tokyo to represent his country. So this media hysteria, whipping people into a frenzy again, is simply much ado about Kessié.

His future is uncertain, but he's living in the present

We have seen this behavior before in 2017, and it was amplified by the hysterics of the sporting director at the time, Mirabelli. Not ironically, the frenzy came to a head while Donnarumma was also out on national team duty. Also for irony's sake, that is the summer that Kessié was purchased. How did that turn out? Well after four years of abuse by fans due to said media hysteria to get the renewal done NOW, although that was not possible, eventually, Donnarumma did leave. While Mirabelli and Raiola's public girlfighting and the media hysterics created a completely unnecessary frenzy amongst the fans, fans also bought into the hype and took it to the next level, even though they only needed to wait about six weeks or less for the player to return from national team duty.

Incompetence and greed fueled by media hysterics never ends well

Fast forward to now. The media needs clicks. Like ravenous, brainless vultures, they make a lot of noise and circle their prey until it is officially dead before they actually feed. This time, their object is Kessié. As of this writing, Kessié and his career are alive and well, at least for now. Who knows what will happen after he already played for Cote d'Ivoire post season, got married, is now going to the Olympics, and will only have a short break before returning to Milan, then play the Africa Cup of Nations in January, and then back to Milan again for the second half of the season. Certainly, he has a reputation for his stamina, but coming off of two condensed seasons played back to back, we need him to rest a little at some point. Also, we have a calm and competent technical director now in Maldini, so there is no need to buy in to all of the media hype.

Sure, they were friends, but they are not twins

Back to the media and fans, however. Like the worst version of Veruca Salt, but without the rich daddy to spoil them, they are already becoming obsessed with a contract extension that literally cannot happen right now. Yes, we all want it to happen, but the Olympics run through Sunday, August 8. So, apart from possibly rooting against Cote d'Ivoire's success in Tokyo, negotiations for an extension are not likely to happen any time before then. Considering that the player will also need to have at least a short break before playing for Serie A, which resumes August 22, you people need to take some valium and focus your energy on reading the same daily news about the same 100 rumors of the same 50 players who are linked with Milan in the meantime. Also, the team are due back at Milan next week for training, so hopefully that will distract you as well.

il Presidente is already being whisked away from his bride for the Olympics, give him peace

We have been here before. It turned out badly. One of the reasons it turned out badly was the media and fans' interference and their abuse of the players. Some fans, who have apparently been evicted from even their own mothers' basements, are still abusing those players now, although they are no longer Milan players. Get a life. Seriously. We have so much to celebrate with both Laxalt and his braids permanently leaving (thank you Dinamo Moscow,) and also Theo Hernandez losing his scary braids (what the hell was that, anyway?) Also, enjoy his red and black hair that he promised us, it's amazing.

Again, no need to make the same mistake twice

We also need to coax some club to alleviate our Castillejo fashion (and football) suffering, and there is plenty of ugly new Milan merch being produced year-round if you are in a shopping mood. Oh, and for those of you who have serious masochistic issues, there are a few players leaving that we need to replace and some areas that we need to reinforce that should all happen well before the heralded return of il Presidente to Milanello. (Seriously, Gazidis, just give him the parking spot. Anything to make him stay.) Plus, the actual mercato finally opens tomorrow, and that is always a distraction for people that will finally be based in actual reality as well.

Don't be like Inter fans, who think he's been their player for years

Maybe Kessie will extend, maybe not. His AFCON duties make it more important to sign the deal before he leaves in January, because he will likely be gone the entire winter mercato. But that is still six months away. Don't go to Tokyo and throw dollars at him. Also, remember that Donnarumma and Calhanoglu's contract extensions that should have happened last year were impeded by a global pandemic with both economic and other essential concerns, such as whether or not we would all be alive. With the shortened break last summer, the early start due to Europa League qualifying, and the late mercato, there wasn't a lot of time to sit down with either player and have definitive conversations. Also, the death and stuff.

All in good time, Mr. President

He only makes €2.5 million now, and while Maldini's optimistic new salary cap may not be enough to keep him here, let's at least give them a chance to sit down and talk and find some middle ground. He's not like Donnarumma, with an agent that would charge a baby for its own bottle so he could make a cut on the deal. He's not like Calhanoglu, who has a history of screwing clubs over and even served a ban for it. Plus, also, the football. Let the man play, get something to help you sleep if you need it, and focus on the improvements we need before you scare off the players that we already have. Don't buy in to the media hype, it's all much ado about Kessié.

This post inspired by the music of The Last Shadow Puppets' "My Mistakes Were Made for You"

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