Milan 3, Parma 1: Answers

After such a tough string of games, this was easily a game we could have slipped and dropped more points. Particularly with so many players running on empty, as well as the high temperatures and earlier start. However, this team would not let that happen. Give them more challenges, they’ve got answers.

Another well-deserved win

The first half started with Milan completely dominating. In fact, I was getting ready to put out a missing person report on Gigio, I wasn’t even sure if he was there. Milan were a little careless again in their shots. Although they took 26 shots only seven were on target. Romagnoli had arguably the best chance of the first half for Milan with his header that hit the bar. Well, that and Bonaventura’s goal right after that, but it was called back for offside.

Kessie's third goal in as many games did not disappoint

Romagnoli had another beautiful sliding tackle on Kulusevski, who also seemed amazed. I would have stood up and clapped, I think, but that’s just me. Not long after that, Kurtic found a chance and took it, surprising everyone and slotting it into the back of the net. 1-0 Parma. Hernandez took a shot right after that, but Sepe saved it point blank.

First goal of the season for our tireless captain

The second half is where Milan found answers. First, Pioli’s subbing was flawless. Rotating the squad is a priority, and he started a couple of people from the bench, then swapped them for the starters, and ended with more starters getting some rest. His subs kept the momentum going and helped to renew the intensity.

The players found answers for Kurtic’s goal. First Kessie sent a screamer in from distance in the 55th. 1-1 all. Next up was Romagnoli’s header in the 59th. 2-1 Milan. Calhanoglu finally found the final answer from a brilliant Bonaventura cross in the 77th minute, 3-1.

Another great goal from our number 10

Gigio had answers, too, especially on Inglese’s dangerous shot in the 75th and then his point blank save on Darmian in the 86th. For Parma’s part, Gagliolo’s face was the answer. First to a powerful ball straight to his face in the first half, then an arm or elbow or something from Ibra to his face in the second half. Ouch. It’s probably best he doesn’t remember how his team were dominated, anyway.

How Ibrahimovic celebrates his 100th appearance for Milan

This was another solid performance. Not beautiful, not perfect, but solid. When Pioli’s bench players came on in the second half, we didn’t lose shape, we didn’t lose focus. Sure, the quality was a little lower, but the mentality stayed the same. With so many hot summer nights and games on top of one another, this team is not making excuses. Instead, they find answers.

This post inspired by the music of Savages’ “The Answer”

Our next match is
Serie A Week 34
Milan vs. Bologna
Saturday, July 18 • 21:45 CEST (3:45pm EDT)

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