Social Distancing from Football

For those of us who love football, this pandemic has taken the joy from our souls. Some might say that it is trivial to think about football when people are sick and dying, but the truth is that in order to deal with the harsh realities, we could all use some football right about now. The uncertainty in the world is compounded by the uncertainty of when and even if this season will ever be able to resume. And it is worse than the summer break, where at least there would have been the Euros and the distraction of a transfer window to give us hope.

After Istanbul, there is Athens, and after COVID-19, there will be football

Obviously, loss of life and even livelihood are more important. But now we have even more spare time to think about what we are missing, long hours begging for the distraction of football. So while we are forced into this social distancing from football, here are a few ideas as to how we can kill the time and stay in touch with football:

• Watch football… videos. No, it’s not the same, but when was the last time you had a chance to watch a Champions League final that Milan won? Or to watch a whole season or tournament? You could make a schedule and watch one game per day of a Champions League season, for example. It might give you a little something to look forward to each day.

Watch with friends. Not literally, but rather pick a match, then FaceTime or message your friends and start watching in sync, while chatting or messaging throughout and after. It’s not the same as hanging out together at the bar or pub and watching a live game, but it’s better than sitting there by yourself reading this post.

Read about football. I know this sounds terrible, but there are so many great footballing books out there. So many current and former players have books, there are historical football books, books about tactics, and so many more. There is also tons of great writing online – about Milan, about football in general, about tactics, history, specific players, and so much more. Who knows? You may even learn something new.

Plenty of excellent football reading out there

Watch films about football. There are a lot of great movies about football, footballers, and more. In fact, Calcio e Finanza compiled a list of 129 movies about football. Or you can watch Lord of Milan, the documentary about Milan’s founder, Herbert Kilpin, for free right now. Look around, there are more Milan and football-related things to do than you think.

Player a day. Did you ever want to know more about players you’ve watched or players from previous generations? Make a goal to choose one player per day and read up on that player, watch their YouTube videos, and maybe even chat with friends about that player.

Football trivia. Organize a football trivia game with friends, then play via video chat (so no one can cheat.) Or test your knowledge solo. Not only can you learn tons of useless information, but you also get to virtually spend time with friends and talk about football. In times like these, those are both better than sitting alone and staring at the wall.

Someday we'll be home again

Nothing can take the place of football. But no one knows when football will be back. One thing is certain, we won’t be taking it for granted for a long time. In the meantime, we can find ways to inject a little football into our lives while still maintaining social distancing. When the pain, fear, and uncertainty of this existence start to overwhelm us, we can push the clouds away a little by exercising some social distancing from football.

This post inspired by the music of The Cure’s “To Wish Impossible Things”

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