Milan 1, Genoa 2: Just Cause

After the Evil Lord Gazidis fired Boban the day before a game, as well as all of the concerns about people with the coronavirus and having this and another match postponed, I think some of us were looking forward to just watching some football. Even if we knew it would be strange playing behind closed doors, we just needed something to distract us from what feels like our football world being torn apart. But in the end, the result was also disappointing, even if the team had just cause.

Just because

Gazidis reportedly fired Boban for his “destabilizing and unauthorized” interview in which he revealed that Gazidis had in fact gone behind the backs of Maldini, Boban, and Massara in talking to Rangnick about coaching Milan next season. It’s difficult to imagine something more “destabilizing and unauthorized” than that, other than firing a club legend the day before a game. But Gazidis has also destabilized Milan’s finances and has been using his unauthorized powers to undermine the sporting sector no matter what he does. From blocking Ibrahimovic last season, when we could have had Champions League, to blocking January transfers this year due to lacking the “new coach’s” approval, it is clear that he is sabotaging the football.

The evil Lord looks on... with no Maldini, Massara or obviously Boban

But it is not as clear as to whether or not he had “just cause” to fire Boban, and the former Milan player is reportedly going to sue to prove that not only was he wrongfully terminated, but Gazidis was outside of his boundaries by not consulting his sporting directors when contacting a new coach for next season.


Okay, I was kind of trying to forget the match, but it started with a Pandev goal in the 7th minute, which knocked the wind out of all of the fans in the stadium. Oh, wait, there were no fans. Nevermind. 1-0 Genoa. Milan had chances in the first half, but didn’t manage to convert any of them, rather made another defensive error in the 41st minute that led to a Cassata goal. 2-0 Genoa.

Current mood

To their credit, the team came back at the half and still fought, never giving up. Pioli subbed early and well, and there were so many “almost” shots that were heartbreakingly saved, stopped, deflected, or went just wide, that the pain was palpable. All in all, Milan would tally 23 shots, but only four were on target. That included Ibrahimovic’s goal in the 77th, which made It 2-1 for Genoa. Bonaventura took a shot that hit Soumaoro and actually took him down, Ibrahimovic grabbed it, turned, and shot, and Perin was left helpless with the ball in the back of his net.

The Enforcer

There was a lot of fight in the team, when Kessie wisely realized that without the passion of the fans, Doveri was less inclined to give out cards, he just started pushing Genoa players over, it was very amusing… for Milan fans, anyway. And just as there were no fans, there were zero cards in this match. Which kind of emphasizes Pioli’s postmatch comments about it not being sport without the fans. Even worse, with continued threats to suspend the Serie A season, this match may be the last match Milan played this season, and that is even more disappointing.

Perin rose to the occasion

With all of the uncertainty, and the certainty that Lord Gazidis is firmly backed by the American vultures, hell bent on destroying our club, this one was a tough pill to swallow. Harder knowing that being without the fans was due to so many people being so ill and dying. The loss of life, the loss of fans, and the loss of Milan’s soul was really too much to handle all in one week. Milan should have done more, there really aren’t any viable excuses, but at the same time, there was just cause.

This post inspired by the music of The Clash's "I Fought the Law"

Our next match is
Serie A Week 27
Lecce vs. Milan
Sunday, March 15 • 12:30 CET (7:30am EDT)*
*Adjusted time for Daylight Savings Time in the U.S.

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