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Raduno literally means “rally,” and that is what is supposed to happen to kick of Milan’s new season today. But what can we rally around? The new kit is poor, we don’t know if we’ll have Europe or not still, and now we don’t even know who will own the club by the time the season kicks off in five weeks. It’s hard to be excited about anything at this point, so as passionate Milan fans, sometimes we just have to say “whatever.”

It's kinda like that, but maybe without the cute kid

The best part of this podcast these days in my intern, Jonathan. An obsessed Milan fan with a professional career and the ability to always remind us why we love Milan so much, this time we lamented about:

• News of the Week: Milan femminile, emotional coach, retirement, the Golden Boy award, Q&A, questionable morals, goalkeeping changes, new kit, tennis ball head syndrome

• Quote of the Week: a little kindness

• Mercato News: Pirlo’s pen

• World Cup: Update on Milan players

• UEFA Ruling: still no answers

• Ownership: still no answers

• Important Summer Dates: when and where Milan will be

Thanks again to Jonathan for great conversation in a time that is not so great for Milan.

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