Podcast: Hope Is All We Have

Another change in ownership, a ban from Europe, and a zero balance mercato. When will Milan fans catch a break? So much to talk about, but nothing that we would like to be talking about. And yet as fans, we are still here, still emotionally committed to the red and black. So it seems that hope is all we have.

Hope is all we have

A fan podcast requires passionate fans, and Pavlo is one of the most devout fans around. Follow him on Twitter for his knowledge, wisdom, and Milan passion @PavloBrk. For this podcast, we chatted about:

• News of the Week: Someone’s lying, Dreaded 3 man defense returning, Spelling errors, Ciao Abbiati, New Youth Sector Director, Maldini is going somewhere, Pig farming crime, Graduation, Curva Sud statement, Serie A season, World Cup or something

• Mercato News: why it’s so hard to sell players

• Ownership: the hedge fund arrives

• UEFA Ruling: waiting for the appeal

• Important Summer Dates: when and where Milan will be

Thanks again to Pavlo for bringing hope and optimism at a time when it feels like all is lost.

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