Juventus-Milan Preview: For Muntari

Going to Juventus Allianz Stadium is always daunting, and there are so many reasons for such an intense rivalry. Our captain, Bonucci, was in line to be their captain, for example, and was one of the “B’s” in the legendary “BBC” defense. Their coach, Allegri, nearly ran Milan’s mentality into the ground before finally being sacked… and then hired by Juventus the following season. There have been questionable ref calls and results, racist chanting against our players when they weren’t even there, and more. But the most memorable rivalry-building match had to be in February of 2012. With the title race very tight, Tagliavento reffed one of the most egregious errors ever. In fact, it has its own name, “il gol di Muntari.” The goal that wasn’t given actually pushed the use of Goal Line Technology (GLT) forward, it was such a terrible error. Many believe it changed that game, the result (which was a 1-1 draw,) and the race for the Scudetto. Considering that was the first of Juventus’ six consecutive titles, the scar is one that just won’t heal. So I say we win this one. For Muntari.

It's time for some Muntari-inspired Karma

Juventus have won their six consecutive titles on the pitch, and this season they are battling their closest challenge in those years with Napoli. So we definitely have the support of Napoli fans on Saturday. Unless we say something about Napoli, then we will be fined for territorial discrimination. Whatever. I would much rather focus on raining on Allegri’s parade. That’s right, the coach who gave us eternal “Dai Dai Dai” nightmares won the Panchina d’oro (Golden bench) this week. It would be so delicious for Gattuso, a humble fisherman, to destroy the “brilliant tactician” (read: crazed psychopath with a creepy smile.) You know, for Muntari.

Juventus have the distraction of their match with Real Madrid in the Champions League next week. Allegri’s crush on Barca has changed to a chance for renewal after their nightmare in Cardiff last June. Even if it can’t bring back the players who left after rumors of a bad halftime in the dressing room for that final (including Bonucci.) They also have some injuries. As of this writing, they are still missing Mandzukic, Khedira, Alex Sandro, Bernardeschi, and Cuadrado to injury. Chiellini is reportedly fit to meet Milan. With so many injuries, it’s hard to imagine Allegri would try to rest players for next week, but he is Allegri. And that would be great for us. And for Muntari.

A shock loss when we should have seen him finally get some time

Gattuso has a new problem: the mental toll that Conti’s re-injury will take on the team. After waiting all season for him to heal from his ACL surgery, he took a knock in training on Tuesday that bruised the same knee. At first the Club insisted that it was just a bruise and he would be back soon. But the next reports were that he was traveling to the U.S. to see a specialist. That is a massive blow to the team and to us fans, who have been awaiting his return after injuries to Calabria and Abate forced Borini to play three matches at right back, one of which he almost did okay with. Calabria and Romagnoli are both fit for Saturday, but Abate is not. Despite our rescheduled Derby for next week, I don’t think our players will be distracted. They will also want to win this one. For Muntari.

Will Milan be able to pull off a victory? Will the sudden and repeat loss of Conti drag their mentality down or will it be fuel for the fire? Muntari is playing for Seedorf in Spain, I wonder if he still remembers that game? Certainly now we have GLT. And VAR. And Mazzoleni has been given this match, he is definitely one of the more competent officials. But given all of the controversy over the past six years, it would be great to bring three points home from this one. If not for our chase of a Champions League spot, then at least for Muntari.

This post inspired by the music of The Dickies

Serie A Week 30
Juventus vs. Milan
Saturday, March 31 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)
This match will be shown LIVE on RAI Italia in the U.S.

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