Bologna-Milan Preview: Not Again

Seriously, we just played Sunday. Now we’re playing again? And away? With all of our fullbacks still on the injury table? Seriously, midweek games are terrible. For many of us not in Italy, the games are during the work day, and thus difficult to be able to watch. But after four losses in a row, our discouraged and wounded team are facing a team with a point to prove and an English speaking Twitter admin that legends are made of.

Let's see some goals please, not cards or tantrums

This match has everything: Donadoni is ex-Milan, a legend in his own right. An ex-couldn’t-cut-it-at-Budget-Milan™ in Destro. An ex-Milan youth who was never given a chance at the club in Simone Verdi. A goalkeeper who looks like a jazz singer. But the latest story line is the 7-1 trouncing they were handed on Saturday at the hands of Napoli. At home. Ouch. And both teams were on ten men by the 32nd minute, with a Destro penalty saved, too. Incredible. More importantly, though, was their English Twitter admin, who had fabulous and clever tweets such as this one:

I mean Karma rewards good sportsmanship and humor in the face of such disasters, right?  Speaking of that disaster, Donadoni lined up Harry Connick, Jr. Mirante; Maietta, Oikonomou, Masina, Torosidis, Pulgar, Dzemaili, Nagy, Destro, Krejci, and Rizzo for that fateful match. Masina, however was sent off vs. Napoli, so will be suspended for our meeting. Additionally, Okwonkwo will be missing to injury.

Mirante is a damn fine singer when you consider his day job

Injury. That is a word Milan have been pretty lucky with for the first half of the year, but like a boomerang, it has come right back… if by boomerang you mean killer drone. Perhaps our relief at Montolivo missing so much of the season was perceived by the football gods as gloating? Needless to say, in addition to Montolivo, we are obviously missing Bonaventura, De Sciglio, and Antonelli to injury. With Sosa suspended, too. Abate and Calabria are working their way back to fitness, let’s hope that at least one of them are ready to start tomorrow.

In addition to injuries, Milan are plagued once again with mentality issues. Not really a surprise, just more of a disappointment, I think. Bacca has decided to buy the whole team dinner as a way to atone for his personal discipline issues, but the fans have seen him disrespect Montella publicly at least three times so far this year, with no repercussions. And I don’t know of a waiter who can serve up a remedy for that. Despite rumors of the closing of the sale of the club finally within reach, there have been a lot of consequences for both Montella’s early decisions and the success he brought in the first half of the season, too. And one of the consequences could easily be losing to the 13th place club in the league for the second time in four days.

But whatever happens on the pitch, I know that the Bologna’s English admin will be there for me. I mean they’ve got something to prove, right? I think both clubs could use a bit of humor right now. Both teams will be tired, defeated, and coming from relatively desperate places to find three points. Which means the match will likely be very tough and both teams will need to focus to get the win. Fans will need to focus, too. A midweek game after tough weekend losses for both sides. We’ll need to dig deep to tell ourselves anything besides “Not again.”

For humor and sanity, follow the Bologna official English speaking account @BolognaFC1909en
(or click through the tweets above)

This post inspired by the music of twenty one pilots’ “Tear in My Heart”

Bologna vs. Milan
Wednesday, February 8 • 20:45 CET (2:45pm EST)
This match will be shown LIVE on RAI and BeIN Sports in the U.S.

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