Poll: Where Do You Draw The Line?

It seems like an odd time to ask this question, as there are so many signs indicating that Milan is finally starting to resuscitate. But as a Milan fan, where do you draw the line? We have suffered so much this past three and a half years since the exit of the Senatori and the sale of Ibra and Silva. And we have already lost many fans along the way. But what is your limit? Where do you draw the line?

Most people have a line that can't be crossed... will Milan cross yours?

If Galliani helps rival teams while we are trying to reach a Champions League spot, would that be a dealbreaker? If Mihajlovic is fired to bring in a coach like Conte this summer, would that be your final straw? If Berlusconi were to sell a stake in the club to someone even more criminal and despicable than him, would you finally say “enough?” What if the club was sold to someone who didn’t even know football and they sold anyone worth having and bought MLS players? What if the club were relegated to Serie B and you couldn’t watch them play every week?

I have always insisted that I bleed red and black, and will never change. But after witnessing these past years of turmoil, and thinking of the possibilities that still lie ahead, I have to ask myself the hard questions: will I still be true? I like to think that I will, that the passion which binds me to this club will overcome every obstacle that may lie ahead. Despite all of the insanity, when I look into my heart, I cannot comprehend a scenario in which I will not support my beloved Milan.

The Curva are done with Milan... when it suits them

So my question for you is where do you draw the line? Do any of the above scenarios make you ill? Do you have a line? Because most people do, and that’s okay. We’ve seen first hand how many fans have reached their limit and walked away already. If not only temporarily, then permanently. And it’s okay, I certainly can’t blame anyone. Being such a masochist is nothing to be proud of. So take the poll and then tell us in the comments where you stand, and be honest. No blaming or finger-pointing or shaming. I just want to know where you draw the line.

This post inspired by the music of Savages “The Answer”


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