Five Years a Slave

Today marks the fifth anniversary of this blog, and what an incredibly wild ride it has been. That first year, we won the Scudetto, and all was well at Milan, so I made everyone some Curva Sud cupcakes to celebrate the one year mark. Despite just missing the Scudetto the second year, and all of the drastic changes that came the summer of 2012, the Milan Obsession podcast was born to celebrate two years of blogging. While the pain grew watching Milan every week and Drinking Games were a necessity, not just for fun, the third anniversary of the blog was again marked with a podcast and other milestones. Last year, the milestone was marked by Four Years in Hell. So for the fifth anniversary of being a slave to Milan and this masochistic hobby, I decided to make a gift for you. You’re Welcome.

This blog has followed Milan through all of the ups and downs these past five years, and at times it really does feel like I am a slave to Milan. But a very willing slave, especially with all of the amazing people I’ve met here on the blog, on the podcast, on Twitter, and elsewhere because of our shared love for Milan. I cannot thank enough all of the people who contribute by writing guest posts, being on the podcast, commenting here, keeping up on Twitter, and even just the lurkers who read. I could never have made it to this milestone without all of you. So thank you.

Now let’s do what Milan Obsession fans do best: Party!

Exclusive Milan Obsession party... by invitation only

This post inspired by the music of “Inno Milan”

Our next match is
Napoli vs. Milan
Monday, February 22 • 21:00 CET (3pm EST)

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