Year Zero… version four

Milan finished the season in 10th place, so obviously, it’s time for another reboot. Because nothing says Year Zero like another Year Zero. Or another one. Or even another one. So as the players are on vacation with their WAGS and friends, Galliani is doing overtime to ensure that Year Zero version four is the last Year Zero for Milan. At least until the next one.

When you keep doing what you've always done, you keep getting what you've always gotten

First up, the coach. Ancelotti said no, Mihajlovic met with Silvio and Adriano. If the rumors are to be believed, he could be named Milan’s coach by the time this is posted. Which begs the question… which cruel and heartless way will Inzaghi be sacked? Will he get a phone call? Or just find out in the press? With Milan apparently ready to hire what would make the fourth coach in a year and a half, maybe they’ll try to do the right thing this time. Or not.

Next up would be the squad. We’ve averaged 8.6 players out each transfer market, or more than 17 players per year. With so many players out of contract and Galliani chasing coaches instead of looking at contract extensions, it’s hard to imagine that they will do anything different than they’ve done before. So for example, Abbiati, who has been at the club since 1998, will likely find out in the press that his contract won’t be extended. Because why not?

Thankfully we were saved from this version of the Year Zero, we wouldn't want to be in the Champions League final

Then there will be the incoming players. Berlusconi said he was going to invest big in the club this summer, but I will be surprised if he comes good on that. He says he wants an all-Italian young squad, but then mentions bringing Ibra back in the same breath. That same Ibra who was sold against his will three years ago because Galliani had mismanaged the club for so long. That same summer three years ago that inspired the first Year Zero.

So don’t hold your breath for much improvement if any. The coaches have an increasingly taller order with subpar players and a squad rotation that would make anyone dizzy. They are expected to perform better, but that same expectation is not given to Berlusconi and Galliani. So if you hear Ibra, think Matri. Because the only thing this club is getting better at is outdoing themselves when it comes to the reboot. Welcome to Year Zero… version four.

This post inspired by the music of Muse’s “Mercy”

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