The A-list Party

So the Champions League Final is here, and Milan weren’t even invited to the supermarket grand opening next door. So while we sit at home eating and or drinking our sorrows away, either Barcelona or Juventus will walk away with the trophy. And not just the trophy, but the treble for whichever team wins. I guess that’s just what happens when you’re on the A-list.

It seems I was wrong... he wasn't trying to mutate it, he was trying to steal it and give it to Juve

Milan is very connected to this final in multiple ways: First, we sent Pirlo to Juventus with a lovely bow and a tag which read “free.” Then we sent Allegri their way, too, with 8 matches worth of experience in the Champions League vs. Barcelona alone. We also broke Real Madrid’s domination streak by defeating them in a friendly, which seems to have wrecked their season, enabling Juve to get to the final. But that is where the connections end, because there is nothing about Milan right now that says Champions League, success, or A-list.

But I’d love to hear which team everyone is supporting. And your score predictions. But most of all, with Chiellini out of the match due to injury, I’d like to know which Juve player you think Suarez will bite. Let us know in the comments. We may not have been invited to the party, but at least we can break out all of those Barca and Juve memes. Because we have still won more trophies as a club than Barca and Juve combined. And someday we’ll make the A-list again and get invited to the party.

This post inspired by Muse’s “Dead Inside”

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