All Bark and No Bite

I was truly hopeful that Juventus could win the Champions League Final tonight. For many reasons, not the least of which is the Italian coefficient. Particularly since Milan are struggling so hard and will have to fight back to the top to get back into Europe, every Italian victory in Europe counts. But it turns out that the ninth time facing Barcelona in the Champions League was not a charm for Allegri, as Juve were all bark and no bite*.

"Why is she writing about this game? Her team has nothing to do with this."

After watching the Real Madrid-Juve matchups, which were tactically delicious, I was hoping that we would see a great game for the final. But I should have known better. Barcelona dominated possession and took advantage of it, too. While Juve tried to play on the counter and left themselves open too many times, making defensive errors, as well.

Speaking of errors, the referee made plenty, but to be fair, they probably evened out. However Vidal was lucky to finish the first half and Neymar’s first goal was called off, amongst other things, proving even more which team deserved to win this match.

For me, no one really shined. Of course, if Allegri had gone with his first instinct and started Matri, it would have been an entirely different game. At least at Cagliari, it would have. But this was the Champions League Final, and Juve weren’t able to take down the Barcelona dynasty this time. Juve’s new claim to fame instead is to be the team that lost the most Champions League finals at six.

Milan are still so very far away from the Champions League

So the team that every British commentator thought would destroy Juventus kind of did, winning it 3-1. I don’t know what’s more infuriating – the vindication of the football-clueless or the victory of the divers and delinquents. No, I know what’s most infuriating: that Milan weren’t even in Europe at all this year, nowhere near contending. Say what you will about Juve’s loss, at least they got to the party. The rest of us are clearly just all bark and no bite.

*No players named Suarez were harmed in this post

This post inspired by Allegri’s “smile”, Barca’s delinquents and Milan’s many epic fails

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