Poll: Milan’s Newest Signing

Many of you know that I have two children, both of whom have chosen to also be Milanisti. So today I’m taking a personal moment to announce that in late August or early September there will be a new arrival in our family. But will it be a boy or a girl? And which club will the child support? Will I go three for three with the Milan supporting children?

crossing my fingers for a third Milanista

I hope to find out next week, but today I wanted to poll you guys to see if you can guess whether my new addition will be a boy or a girl. Please take the poll and then feel free to guess in the comments as to which club the child will choose.

Let’s just hope that this baby brings us luck and is the dawn of a new Milan Youth movement!

(sorry, guys, you'll just have to deal with the two awesome Milanisti that I already have!)

This post inspired by the music of Sonic Youth

Our next match is
Palermo vs. Milan
Saturday, April 4 • 15:00 CEST (9am EDT)

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