Inter 0, Milan 0: Still Sucks to Be Blue

I wanted this Derby like I’ve never wanted a win before. But it wasn’t a huge surprise that it was a massive disappointment. Despite the fact that Inzaghi gave almost a perfect Football Manager lineup, Milan climbed back into their shells and played scared again. Who’s afraid of a few biscione? Grass snakes have no venom. But luckily, their Calciopoli Karma is starting to turn on them, and Luca Banti made the calls for the right team instead of the right calls, which turned the game from an Inter win to a painful scoreless draw. So yeah, it still sucks to be blue.

Diego Lopez was MOTM, right behind Luca Banti

There really isn’t much to say. Outside of Banti deciding the match, Lopez was the MOTM. We used to be accused of being Ibra-dependent, now we are Lopez-dependent. Suso had a couple of really nice shots early on, but faded into anonymity before being subbed off. Antonelli is one of our finest snake hunters, and he took a beating but kept fighting. After his early offside goal was called back, Alex being subbed off was apparently only for cramping, so he’ll be available for Udinese on Saturday. Mexes actually did pretty well until the 71st when his own goal was called back because Palacio fouled him. I’m sure he personally saw to it that Banti and his team got to their cars safely for saving him further embarrassment and actually making the right call on that one.

A bright young star that faded fast (still better than Cerci)

The big mystery is where the grinta has gone. Menez was painfully silent back in his false nine role. Bonaventura fought hard and was not as lucky as Milan were to sign him away from the filthy snakes. Van Ginkel looked good early on, but also faded, as we’ve seen before. But the fact that we only took seven shots with three on target the whole match is very telling. Where has the grinta gone? Why are we afraid of the team that sits just below us on the table? Did Berlusconi cripple them with one too many Hip Hip Hooras yesterday? Hopefully we can find some answers before our next match. This one was painfully uneventful. Well, except for Ranocchia’s tantrum when they didn’t get a penalty. That was entertaining. But as much as it sucked for us and was a hard pill to swallow, always remember that it still sucks more to be blue.

This post was largely uninspired

Our next match is
Udinese vs. Milan
Saturday, April 25 18:00 CEST (12noon EDT)

Stay tuned for the next Milan Obsession Podcast!

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