Slow News Day

All Summer long, Milan fans wait for the start of Serie A. Oh sure, there are international tournaments, friendlies, and the transfer market to discuss. But nothing compares to the start of the season after a long summer. Well, except for maybe Galliani Day™, the last day of the mercato. So having experienced both of those emotionally intense days back to back this week, fans were rewarded cursed with a very anticlimactic InternationalBreak for friendlies that most fans don’t even know about, let alone care about. The result of which is a slow, grinding to a halt of news and even to a certain degree interest in football in what can only be described as a series of slow news days.

Even 4 year-old news is more interesting than a slow news day

Sure, Milan have seven players called up to national team duty. For Italy, there are El Shaarawy (who yesterday incurred an ankle injury and is now doubtful for the Italy games,) De Sciglio, and Poli. For Holland, who ironically are playing Italy today, there is de Jong. Zapata and Armero are playing for Colombia, while Honda is playing for Japan. So for those of you who love international friendlies, those specific players, or are just having football withdrawals, you can get your fixes following those players and teams.

For the everyone else, the slow news day syndrome can be quite painful to try to maintain interest, so for today, I thought we should make up our own news. Make up a fake Milan-related news story and put it in the comments. It can be something that is almost believable to completely outrageous. I know you guys will be convincing, so please use the hashtag #FakeNews just in case people are confused. For example:

Galliani gave himself accolades once again today at Casa Milan, saying “I am to the mercato as James Bond is to the ladies.” #FakeNews

Menez gave an interview today about the challenges of replacing Taarabt as Milan’s most-oft interviewed player. He revealed that Inzaghi’s “secret” meeting with him to convince him to come to Milan had also involved screen and audio tests, photo shoots, and practice interviews to see if he could fill the void left by Taarabt. Menez reported that his move was motivated by this opportunity to shine off the pitch. #FakeNews

Bonera scored a goal today at Milanello. #FakeNews

Not even Constant would believe that one

So the possibilities are endless. But all of you have the power to allieviate the withdrawals of your fellow Milan fans with a little humor and the cure for a slow news day. Go.

This post inspired by a slow news day

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