Parma-Milan Preview: Biabiany’s Revenge

As if Jonathan Biabiany didn’t punish us enough last year, I’m pretty sure we’re in for some hell this week. Like a spurned lover, he’ll want to show us what we’ll be missing. And if Zaccardo is on the pitch, he may have a thing or two to say to him, too. There are so many storylines here, with ex-players, coaches who are ex-players, and Parma taking 6th place last season only to be disqualified from playing Europa League, while Milan settled for 8th place (even if only one point behind them.) But the story that will make the headlines will be Biabiany, who wore the Milan jersey for mere hours the last day of the mercato. And I’m pretty sure he’ll be seeking revenge.

Biabiany just got punked

Milan come into this match at the top of the table. Let me just say that again: Milan come into this match at the top of the table. Because that’s probably the only time I’ll get to say that this season. Meanwhile Parma lost their first match, 1-0 to newly promoted Cesena in week one. And since we’re going to their house, and they have the confidence last year's finish gave them, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where we walk away with three points on Sunday.

I’m going to guess that Cassano is unlikely to play, due to his most recent Cassanata just before the season began. Which is good, because he’s hurt us enough after we literally saved his life, and I don’t want to see his fat Nutella-eating excuse for a player running at our defense. Then there is Coach Donadoni. Not only is he ex-Milan, but he also celebrated a birthday this week. And I’m pretty sure I know what he asked for: a win over his ex-team and three points at home. But it will be Biabiany who will want to have the game of his life against the team who wanted him, for whom he took the medicals for, and then Zaccardo had to go and screw everything up for him and send him back to the city of cheese and prosciutto.

Don't forget about Lodi.... he's still got the quality to inflict pain

Of course there are reports that Biabiany is injured, along with Coric and Pozzi. But I would bet on him making a miraculous recovery. Against Cesena, Donadoni lined up Mirante; Cassani, Lucarelli, Gobbi, Paletta; Lodi, Acqua, Jorquera; Biabiany, Belfodil, and Palladino. Look for many of the same faces to start, although Donadoni was just complaining about having too many players, so maybe he'll shake things up a little.

It’s harder to tell what Inzaghi will do. The other day in training, Inzaghi fielded a trident of Honda, Torres, and Menez, so there is much speculation that they will start in attack. As for injuries, of course Montolivo is still out. But El Shaarawy had pain yesterday in the same ankle he hurt while on national team duty, so he is very unlikely. As for everyone else, it’s anyone’s guess. Particularly with those who are just coming back from international duty, he may decide to rest them. However he does have Torres, Bonaventura, and van Ginkel who have yet to play for Milan, so maybe this will be their lucky week. Zaccardo can only hope he does not play, for his own safety.

Will the Spanish striker get his first start?

Whether or not Biabiany plays, I fear he will seek revenge somehow. Hopefully in a sporting manner. However if Zaccardo plays, all bets are off on the sportsmanship, and I can’t blame him. As for Milan, taking a point away from this matchup would be like a victory. Although I really do like the word victory, especially when combined with the word Milan. But if Biabiany has his way, he’ll get his revenge and show Milan what we missed out on.

This post inspired by the music of “She Wants Revenge”

Parma vs. Milan
Sunday, September 14 • 20:45 CEST (2:45pm EDT)
This match will be broadcast on RAI and BeIN Sport in the U.S.
Check comments ahead of the match for stream links

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