Lunch with Silvio

Berlusconi is back… at Milanello, that is. True to his word of a couple of weeks ago, he is visiting Milanello on Friday, even though it’s an international break. That transfer money we supposedly got and didn’t spend has got to go to a good cause, right? Why not helicopter fuel, then? Or is it because whatever sorcery he used to put a spell on his mediocre squad to help them play a little better only lasts seven days? Whatever the reason, he is making an overt attempt to show he cares about Milan again. Good to know the team is more important than Dudu’s website for at least one day per week.

A perfect use of a football pitch

Personally, my theory is that he found a loophole to get community service hours for visiting the team each week, so it probably really is still about him. But what about you as a fan? What would you say to him if you could have lunch with Silvio? I mean if you could be brutally frank and honest with him? Would you give him suggestions or advice? Would you plead for him to make changes? Would you thank him for all of the trophies and memories? What would you say?

Your homework assignment today, since it is that magical back to school time of the year, is to tell us in the comments section how it would go and what you would say if you could have lunch with Silvio Berlusconi.

A toast to the fans.... (as if that would actually happen in real life)

Personally, mine would need to be seriously edited for language and violence, and I think you guys could imagine what I might say in between the expletives and before they dragged me away for assault. So I want to know what you would say in that situation. After all, it would be a once in a lifetime chance to have lunch with Silvio.

This post inspired by more pictures of helicopters than football

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