Poll: The Kaká Dilemma

The problem with being such a genius coach and being given such a talented player is that it is hard to decide where he should play. And so, Allegri being the revolutionary, trend-setting master of tactics that he is will play him at one position and fall in love. Then he’ll try Kaká at another position and fall harder in love, and so on. But to save time in letting Allegri try Kaká at every single position, today, we are doing the socially responsible thing and polling Milanisti worldwide to choose the best position for Kaká to play.

So please choose only one position where you think Kaká will play best at. The numbers won’t lie. Then we’ll see if we can convince Allegri to stop the experimenting.

Hint: after Saturday’s press conference, Allegri made it clear that Kaká is a regista. If you chose anything else, then clearly your tactical IQ is severely lacking and you need to watch 6 hours of Allegri press conferences until you have realized the error of your ways.

This poll inspired by the music of The Prodigy

Stay tuned tomorrow for an all new Milan Obsession Podcast!

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