Champions League Group Stage • Celtic-Milan: Foshizzle

In September, Milan pulled off a miracle. Despite terrible form in the league and an injury list that would make Milan Lab doctors drool, we pulled off a 2-0 victory over Celtic. Even more miraculous were the goals: they came from Zapata and Muntari, of all people. But maybe being the underdogs was what propelled us to victory. This time, we go to the passionate and fierce environment of Celtic Park, with Celtic in even better form, even if we have more points in our Champions League group than they do. But our injury list is hardly what it was last time, so I don’t know if that underdog magic will help us this time. And with the Curva Sud threatening and insulting the players during the match on Saturday, the boys could come out swinging or be even more demoralized, it’s hard to tell. Foshizzle.

Snoop changes clubs almost as often as he changes his name.

As I mentioned in the preview back in September, Celtic have a very special fan in Snoop Dogg Lion -zilla. Yeah, things have changed since September. He was still Snoop Lion then, but now, he’s all funked up. Foshizzle. And things have changed with Celtic, too. They were second in the table then, but now they are top of the table in the Scottish Premier League, 5 points ahead of Inverness. But in our Champions League Group H, they are bottom of the table on 3 points. With Milan only 2 points ahead of them, a win at Celtic Park for them could see them leapfrog us for second place. So I have a feeling they are planning to funk us up. Foshizzle.

Celtic are coming off of a 3-1 win Saturday vs. Aberdeen that saw two stoppage time goals earn them all three points. Lennon lined up Forster; Izaguirre, Ambrose, van Dijk, Fisher; Brown, Commons, Ledley, Mulgrew; Samaras, and Pukki. He has a few long term injuries in Twardzik, Matthews, and Mouyokolo, but will likely have midfielder Forrest back for tomorrow. Certainly with the prospect of jumping up to second place with only one game left to play in the group after losing to both Milan and Ajax away, they will look to use their Snoopzilla powers and punish us in their house. Foshizzle.

One is tactically articulate, one simply likes to gesticulate.

It doesn’t take much to punish Milan these days. In fact, we’ve begun punishing ourselves, even our Ultras have turned against us. However, Celtic may have Snoopzilla and his love of all things green on their side, but I am also West Coast, and my favorite colors are red and black. And me and my entourage don’t change clubs or names, so maybe our loyalty will bring Milan the magic we need. Heaven knows we need help of every kind. Foshizzle.

The latest injuries are Mexes and Muntari. Mexes has some odd condition which can cause visual impairment due to fluid under his retina in his eye. So he’ll miss Celtic and likely Catania. Muntari has a muscle injury and has been ruled out for Celtic, pending further tests to determine his injury length. Add that to Amelia’s knee surgery on Friday that leaves him out for a month and Zaccardo’s injury, and we still don’t have the injury list we had in September. However, Amelia’s injury and Gabriel’s exclusion from the Champion’s League list means that if Abbiati gets injured, we’d see Coppola play vs. Celtic and/or Ajax. That would be funked up. So pack the big guy in bubble wrap and don’t let him out until kickoff. Foshizzle.

Without Mexes, we'll need a bunch of Zapata magic again

There has been talk of El Shaarawy being fit for Celtic, but even if he was, would Allegri play him? Although he does have a starting midfield spot now that Muntari is injured… nah, he’ll likely go with Nocerino there, even if he has only just started training with the team again after a calf injury. As for the rest of the squad, the formation, and tactics, I am done guessing with this man. Are we sure he’s not a woman? No, even women are more predictable and follow more logic. Certainly, we are better at reading a game and assessing situations. Okay, then. Whatever the sad, strange little man says. That will be the lineup. Foshizzle.

I am prepared for 90+ minutes of whatever our sinking Rossoneri ship has to dish out tomorrow. I have a little more faith in that with Champions League in our DNA, we tend to perform a little better in these matches. (remembers Ajax… cries… reaches for comfort food…) Okay, I have no expectations. But I still think Snoopzilla chose the wrong jersey. Especially after having the right one before. What the funk? So come what may, I got this West Coast thing covered for you, Milan. It’s all my bleeding heart knows. Foshizzle.

This post inspired by the music of Snoopzilla’s “7 Days of Funk” album

Champions League Group Stage
Celtic vs. AC Milan
Tuesday, November 26 • 20:45 CET (2:45 EST)
This game is being broadcast LIVE on Fox Soccer Plus in the US
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UEFA Youth League
Celtic U19 vs. Milan Primavera
Tuesday, November 26 • 16:00 CET (10am EST)

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