Never Forget

With Milan choosing to say goodbye to Ambrosini after 18 years, it brings up the emotions of so many players that we’ve said goodbye to. They are gone, but not forgotten heroes of the red and black. And while the rumors fly and the fates of our current favorite players hang in the balance, we can still reminisce and remember those whose memories are forever woven into the fabric of our favorite jerseys. Never forget.

Gone but not forgotten

We’ve been here before. Last year we said goodbye to so many heroes, all at once. But they will live on in our hearts and our memories. So today’s challenge is to tell us who your favorite past player(s) is(are.) You can tell us why, your favorite memories of them, share pics and videos. But this is a chance for all of us to honor all of those who have graced the Milan jersey, made important plays or scored crucial goals for Milan, and maybe even lifted trophies for our beloved club. Who are your past heroes?

This year we shed a tear for you, Capitano

Grazie, Ambrosini. Thank you for 18 years of amazing interceptions, tackles, passing, and quiet leadership. Never forget.

This post inspired by the music of Sarah McLachlan’s “When She Loved Me”

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