Goodbye is Not Forever

When we tearfully said goodbye to our heroes as they took their last lap around the San Siro pitch, it felt like it was forever. But thanks to the Milan Glorie team, we get to watch our heroes age “gracefully” in charity and farewell matches around the globe. On Friday was one such occasion. With former Milan player Kakha Kaladze having retired last year, he was finally allowed to have his farewell match in Tblisi. It was a fantastic, star-studded event with some of our favorites returning to the pitch in the red and black to honor him. And while the level of play is entirely different, the competition not relevant, there is still something magical about seeing our heroes together again on the pitch…

Baresi, Massaro, Maldini, and Shevchenko: Awesome times infinity

Kaladze and his sons pregame: a little Milan PFW for the ladies

Cannavaro tries to apologize for taking Maldini's NT appearance record

Pippo and Kaladze

Even when things behind the scenes are turbulent, our future unknown, there is always the sacred Rossoneri jersey to remind us of what brings us together: football. And not just any football, but Milan football. The beautiful game that is rich with memories as golden as our trophy cabinet. And whatever happens today or tomorrow, no one can take yesterday from us. I’m so glad that goodbye is not forever.

This post inspired by the music of Inno Milan

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