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Champions League – AC Milan vs. Barcelona: Game On!

After 27 years as President of Milan, Berlusconi is finally talking tactics

Champions League Round of 16
AC Milan vs. Barcelona
Wednesday, February 20 • 20:45 CET (2:45 EST)
This match is being broadcast on Fox Soccer Channel in the U.S.
Check comments for streams prior to the match

Champions League Drinking Game Rules

Take one drink when:
• Milan have possession
• We defend a set piece
• We get a good ref call

Take two drinks when:
• The commentators mention that Balotelli is cup-tied
• Allegri hasn’t subbed by the 70th minute
• We concede more than 3 goals…. in 10 minutes

The theory is that if the match is going well, you will drink enough to remember,
if it’s not, you will drink enough to forget.