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Commenting Guidelines

Milan Obsession Commenting Guidelines

Milan Obsession is not an ordinary blog. Unlike most other forums online, we keep it civil here and stick to facts. Your ability to post comments here is a privilege, not a right, and can and will be revoked at the discretion of the moderator(s.) If you have any questions as to what kinds of comments are welcome here, please read:

1) Be respectful – no name calling, personal insults, or fighting (opposing viewpoints and healthy debate is always welcome) Being respectful includes no false accusations on the personal character of anyone, including people commenting here, our players and Milan employees, other teams, fans, etc. 
2) No hate speech – no racist, sexist, etc. comments or media
3) No rumormongering – Please post and discuss only credible news/transfer rumors from reputable sources. Do NOT post rumors from The SunL’Equipe, TuttosportGoal dot com, etc.
4) Off topic comments and media are generally fine unless they involve sensitive issues such as politics, religion, etc.
5) Respect the moderators Please comply with moderator requests. NEVER argue with a moderator regarding moderation, whether or not you agree with it. You are a guest here.

By commenting here, you agree to follow these guidelines.