Guest Post: Dear Silvio

I have a special treat for you today! A few hours after the game on Saturday, I found a passionate letter to Silvio in my inbox in the form of this guest post from Nathan. He is a longtime reader of the blog and I had recently asked him if he’d like to write a post. Inspired by the insanity, please enjoy the following letter to Silvio Berlusconi, the sentiments I think many of us share right now.

Dear Silvio,

I have held off long enough. I can no longer sit idly by and allow you or any of your cronies to continue to ruin the club that I love more than any franchise in my lifelong hometown of Indianapolis, IN, in the manner that you do without a word. I’ve held the faith.

First please let me preface: I am 36 years old and an American. I grew up going to Indiana Pacers games almost weekly in season. In basketball country. I loved the Pacers and Colts and followed them through the lean times and the great times. I suffered as a child through losing seasons in the 80’s (for the Pacers) and the 80’s & much of the 90’s (for the Colts). I was unskilled at both, personally, but followed them almost religiously.

Proper football (soccer here in the States), however was the sport I respected & loved the most – having grown up playing since age 5 - and played even into my 30s recreationally. Milan was the club that I LOVED, from what I’d read about in the magazines in the 90s about the fabled Immortals team, all the way to the 2005 team that dropped a 3-goal lead to Liverpool in the CL final to the Pippo & Kaka-led team in 2007 that avenged that 2005 loss. Despite the “Hoosier” upbringing (I refuse to call myself a “Hoosier,” because I haven’t the faintest idea WTF that is), I could never – EVER- devote my heart to any team that uses blue as one of its principle colors. It’s the Piru Blood in me. That said, I LOVE this club. I will never NOT love this club. I am not now and have never been a fair-weather fan. The Colts had Peyton Manning for years, but prior to that, there was Gary Hogeboom, Jack Trudeau, Jeff George, etc. The Pacers had Reggie Miller for years, but prior to that, there was Steve Stipanovich, Chuck Person, and Vern Fleming. No disrespect to those guys…but as a fan, I dealt with “lean years.”

My support for my club is and will forever be unwavering (as well as the players that properly represent the Milan crest and history)…but it’s time for the gloves to come off. After today (and really, it’s been building a long time), I’m almost embarrassed to be a Milan fan. Almost.

First and foremost, Phillipe Mexes needs to be sold. Released. Fired. Kicked in the balls. Right now. Not just because of what he did today (not at all excusing that), but he exemplifies EVERYTHING that is wrong with Milan right now. Yes, he is serviceable. Yes, he has had moments of absolute brilliance. Yes he has played very well when called upon this term. But let’s look at his flaws at the club level:

• He’s a walking yellow card (hot head)
• He’s a liability on defense (most of the chances for Lazio today alone were a result of his poor defense)
• He is NOT worth a quarter of his yearly salary. He is currently our most expensive player at the moment.
Marinate on that for a moment. Phillipe Mexes is AC Milan’s most expensive squad player. De Jong (who is 752% better than Mexes) makes less than him.
• He is a problem in the locker room and a poor example for everyone else

Second, go fuck yourself, Silvio. And Galliani. If we’re going to be a midtable team, a feeder team for the (now) larger clubs in Europe, fine. I hate it, but come out and frigging say it. BE HONEST. I get that money right now is “hard to come by” in Italy (although, let me know when Berlu stops landing in Casa Milan in a private helicopter once a week, or having his pedophilic bunga bunga parties…or when he stops mainlining Botox via his forehead), but be honest with your supporters.

Third – and most importantly – STOP LYING TO YOUR SUPPORTERS.
Don’t even get me started on the squad and coaching instability. This is a high-level critique…because piss runs downhill and most of our problems start at the very top. Sadly, I don’t see anything changing until the club are out of your family’s hands, and that’s a huge shame for Barbara, because I honestly think that she cares and has the best interests of the club in her head. Silvio, you seem to only care about bunga bunga.

That said…derka derka, Forza Milan.


Nathan Manuel

That is sign language for vagina, the man has a serious problem.

Thanks again to Nathan for sharing his passion with us. Please follow him on Twitter to keep up with his comments on Milan and more.

If you are looking for preview for tomorrow’s match, sorry, but I chose to post this today instead, as Saturday’s match was a more honest preview than I could ever write.

Our next match is
Coppa Italia Quarterfinals
Milan vs. Lazio
Tuesday, January 27 • 21:00 CET (3pm EST)
This match is NOT being shown LIVE in the U.S.

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